Saturday, August 17, 2013

Book Review: Treat Your Own Hand and Thumb Arthritis

     I can't stand reading information about arthritis that makes me feel sorry for myself. Yes, it's a chronic, often painfully debilitating condition, but I don't want to dwell on this thought, because if I do, I get in a funk and that only makes the pain worse.

     That's why I love this 80 page book, Treat Your Own Hand and Thumb Arthritis, written by physical therapist Jim Johnson, who is also a clinical instructor of physical therapy at Emory University.
Johnson's message is one of hope: In fact, he titles his first chapter, "Arthritis is Not a Hopeless Cause" and shares research findings supporting his optimism.

     He provides simple exercises that should be performed daily. Since the exercises are shown in large photos, they are easy to follow even for those of us, like me, who have a lot of trouble following diagrams in books.

     Johnson also reviews the basics of joint protection - showing the right way to use your hands to minimize stress on the smallest joints.

    Finally, there are  "tracking pages" so that users can keep a record of exercise routines and frequency. The pages can be photocopied.

    Johnson does not promise miracles; he urges readers to try the exercises consistently for three months to see if improvement is noticed.

    The book is in print; and can be ordered via Better yet - try the library!

Note: I purchased this book and received no money to promote it -  I just like it! And, while I feel comfortable using these exercises without consulting my physician, that doesn't mean you should, too. 
Use your own judgement.

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