Monday, September 2, 2013

Pain takes a holiday

 We're on the  way to Pittsburgh, for a family fun overnight. Pittsburgh is very hilly, and my left knee is throwing a major tantrum.

Planning .....planning.   First off, The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, which has marble floors. Hmm....last I heard, marble isn't the most arthritis friendly of walking surfaces.
So, I pack like I am going on an expedition. Packing meds, several kinds of knee supports, Lidoderm patches and a strong antiinflammatory  that I seldom take. Oh, and I also check the website to see if there are loaner wheelchairs - just in case.

Four hours later, as I am walking to the exit of the Carnegie, I realize that my knee does not hurt much.

The next day, I have the same lessening of pain, despite touring the National Aviary (go see it!) and shopping at Ikea.
The only thing I can think of is that I was so totally absorbed in the sights and sounds of my trip, my focus was completely off the pain. 
Lesson learned:  Plan for the worst, but don't cancel plans because of pain. You never know.

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